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What shoes are for dinner on the eve of the holidays?
What shoes are for dinner on the eve of the holidays?

What shoes are for dinner on Christmas Eve?

Already getting ready for Christmas? Of course, you plan the meals, the appearance of the tree, and the time you will spend with your loved ones. However, don't forget your shoes! Christmas Eve is the perfect time to slip on smart shoes that complete a beautiful, thoughtful look. Do you know what to wear for the holidays to look flawless and enjoy the closeness of your family?


Whether you need to dress up for a corporate Christmas Eve or think about how to introduce yourself to those closest to you, think about the color of your shoes. If you don't like bold solutions and want to use shoes in other cases, bet on classic black.  This versatile color goes with everything. Want to stand out? Order a model with an ornament or finished with a glossy material.

The classic Christmas colors are red, bottle green and gold, so if you want to feel the magic of Christmas, be sure to look for shoes in this color scheme!  Also in fashion are dark blue and silver models that are associated with the winter season. When choosing the color of shoes for Christmas Eve, be careful with what clothes you combine them with:

  • dress in bottle green - shoes in black or gold,
  • red dress - black, green or silver shoes,
  • golden color dress - black shoes.

Of course, you can bet on other colors, for example, the classic combination of black and white, gray, blue. Remember, however, that light and bright shoe colors are meant for the summer season.


Shared Christmas Eve at home is sometimes an intimate evening among loved ones, and sometimes a big event in which up to a dozen or dozens of people take part. If you're apprehensive about holiday style ideas, you've come to the right place. We'll tell you what to wear to make your meeting unique and feel special, whether it's a corporate or family gathering.

You can even wear jeans for homemade Christmas Eve in an intimate circle - however, try to always have an elegant blouse or shirt and stylish shoes.  Also, do not forget about festive accessories and a neat hairstyle - such details are of great importance. Together with loved ones, do you rely on slack? Put on warm and soft Christmas sweaters that will make you have a great time. It is worth complementing them with elegant trousers and shoes in order, in spite of everything, to emphasize the atmosphere of the holiday.

If Christmas Eve is an important event for you, be sure to wear a beautiful, elegant dress, which is matched with women's heels, pumps and other shoes, which we will talk about in more detail in a minute . You can also bet on a skirt and shirt that will highlight your strengths. Be guided by the principle - the less, the more. Of course, you can experiment with your appearance, but be  sure to match your outfit with the rest of the guests.  It is especially important that everyone, including you, feel comfortable.

Don't know what to wear? Fashionable women's jumpsuits as well as suits - however, they will be more suitable for a corporate Christmas Eve.  You can also complement your look with a scarf, cardigan or down jacket that will cover your shoulders and take care of your warmth.

Men will look best in cloth trousers and an elegant shirt with a small pattern or a smooth one with a sheen.  A shirt, tie and jacket is the best set for a corporate Christmas Eve. As with women, the devil is in the details. So think about contrasting clothing or accessories, switching from a tie to a bow tie, and pairing elegant barrettes with your shirt.

If you're trying to collect clothes and shoes for a corporate event, think about what the dress code is in your job.  This is the best advice for what falls out and what doesn't. Location is also important - you should look less elegant if Christmas Eve is in the office, and more so if in a restaurant.


Ladies can wear classic heels or thicker pole pumps that are perfect for both dresses and trouser-based looks.  However, it is worth choosing models with a closed toe - they are more classic. Shoes should not be too high, so as not to deprive you of elegance and make it difficult to move around. If you're invited into the family on Christmas Eve, make sure your heels don't ruin the parquet or other expensive flooring - sometimes the only good solution is to wear light, elegant ballerinas.

Women's ballerinas are a great choice for all women who value comfort and practicality.  You can also wear low wedges or duck heels instead for the best compromise between style and comfort. Unfortunately, ballerinas are not the best idea for a corporate Christmas Eve.

If you are a lover of high heels, you can wear women's stiletto high boots, which will not only take care of the perfect look, but also keep you warm.

 What would be the best idea for corporate Christmas dinner shoes ? It all depends on where it happens and what your employees or colleagues are doing.


What shoes should men wear on Christmas Eve?  The only right choice is formal shoes. It will match both smart casual style and elegant suit.

When choosing a new model, pay attention to the finish of the shoe - it should be matte or glossy, with a closed top. It is very important that it has laces, a low heel and ends below the ankle. We recommend starting both at home and at a corporate event with oxfords, brogues, perhaps a derby. Think about what types of shoes are suitable for men.


Are you ready to spend Christmas with your loved ones? Order new heels, ballerinas, boots or men's formal shoes and highlight this special time with your elegant style. For our part, we wish you that the coming holidays be full of warmth, joy and optimism.

How to combine elegance with sport - shoes for fashionable women and men
How to combine elegance with sport - shoes for fashionable women and men

How to combine elegance with sport - shoes for fashionable women and men

Do you like to combine different styles and want to wear your favorite heels with more than just dresses? Or do you have several pairs of athletic shoes in your closet and wear pretty chic shirts and blazers every day? Find out how to combine sporty and elegant style and how to choose the right shoes for any occasion.


The elegant style is characterized by simplicity of cut, timelessness. The most characteristic clothing is certainly tight fabric trousers, loose-fitting dresses, pencil skirts or blazers and jackets. One variety of elegant style is glamor, which you can easily recognize from shiny shiny materials and large luxurious decorations.

What shoes go with elegant style:

  • women's: heels, pumps, ankle boots, boots, ankle boots, ballet flats.
  • men's: half boots, formal.

On the other side of the scarves is a sporty style that belongs to everyday styles. The hallmark is clothing that does not restrict movement, gives freedom of movement, made of materials that are pleasant to the touch. If you're dressing in this style, be sure to wear sweatshirts, leggings, sweatpants, T-shirts, or other loose clothing.

What shoes are suitable for sports style:

  • women's: sneakers, sneakers, sports shoes.
  • men's: sneakers, sneakers, sports shoes.


The combination of elegant style with sporty style is often referred to as "smart casual", which obeys its own laws. It is not enough to put on the first best sneakers and an elegant skirt to expect a dazzling effect. Before we suggest what can be combined and show some examples, learn the basic rules and always have them in mind:

  1. Only high quality  - shoes and clothes should come from the top shelf. If you combine cheap, low-quality clothing with, for example, shoes from good manufacturers (and vice versa), the matching will look bad.
  2. Think about your figure, only then about fashion - remember our text about what shoes emphasize your figure? With the same thought, choose smart clothes and sports shoes, or vice versa - emphasize your strengths and strengths. Do not wear compounds that deform your figure and visually add pounds to you, shorten your legs and make you quickly give up on the idea of ​​​​combining styles.
  3. Mix colors - do not wear clothes and shoes of the same or similar colors. Contrasting combinations look great, and this should always be remembered.
  4. Bet on patterns  - your clothes don't have to be uniform - just like shoes! Play with samples, bet on non-trivial comparisons, after all, fashion is for you to experience a little madness every day.
  5. Don't be afraid of accents  - if your clothes are too subdued, add a strong color accent, for example, in the form of a bag, backpack or other fashion accessories.

Girls who like a more casual style can pair their favorite pair of jeans, a stiletto t-shirt, and a jacket. Other ideas? Replace your jeans with smart leather trousers and pair with women's sneakers or athletic shoes.


Men don't have the same field to show off as women, but despite this, they can combine elegant and sporty style in two proven ways. The first combination will be elegant trousers, a jacket, which should be worn with a T-shirt, and men's sports shoes. Looks amazing, doesn't it?

As you can see, even men's sneakers in combination with a blazer look fashionable and stylish:

If you have a weakness for formal shoes, you can combine them, for example, with an elegant jacket and comfortable jeans and a t-shirt. This combination will be perfect for the city, as well as for work or going out with friends.


Style elegant and sporty? Why not! If you do not like to dress only for sports or purely for elegance, it will be wise to find a middle ground between the two poles. Buy new sneakers, athletic shoes, and a new pair of formal shoes and heels, then pair them with your favorite outfits. Search is the only way to create truly captivating juxtapositions for everyday life, for work, and also for special occasions.

Boots - how to choose and what to wear - shoes for her and for him
Boots - how to choose and what to wear - shoes for her and for him

Women's and men's ankle boots are great shoes for autumn and winter. Why? Because it will take care of your comfort, warmth and will allow you to create both casual and more elegant looks. Find out how to wear booties and how to choose a model that you will be happy to wear every day and on important occasions.


What are booties? This is a type of shoe with a higher upper that covers the ankle with laces (remember how fashionable it is to tie shoelaces). On women's legs, they usually look feisty and emphasize a laid-back approach to fashion, while on men they are more likely to complement dressy clothes and emphasize familiarity with fashion trends.

When choosing new men's or women's booties, pay attention to their interior - some models will not be warm, but there are also models on sale with a teddy bear or fleece shoes that you will wear in winter. Quality shoes are made of genuine leather, so do not forget about proper care. Models made of synthetic materials will break down faster under the influence of moisture, salt, loose on the roads, so you should not invest in them. If you're looking for footwear for winter, check out the outsole - it should be thicker and grooved to increase traction.  What are the best boots for fall ? Lined in leather, felt or fabric and with a simple, slightly ribbed sole.


Booties are the best everyday shoes, whether the weather is right or it is best to shelter at home. If you want to go for a walk, you can match your shoes with a black leather jacket, jeans and your favorite sweater - you should diversify the look with an interesting handbag or other accessories.

If you like claw looks, booties are your must have. You can wear them in spring, early summer and autumn, matching them with worn jeans and a comfortable T-shirt.

Are you one of those who experiment with fashion? Combine with a coat and women's booties, complementing the look with a dress or skirt.

In winter, women's ankle boots will complement the look with trousers and your favorite jacket. Remember a simple trick - if you want to visually lengthen your legs, wear trousers in the same color as your shoes.


Boots go great with jeans! If you have denim pants and a jacket in a different shade, be sure to pair them with your new shoes to attract feminine and masculine looks.

Jackets such as a parka are also suitable for boots - just remember to choose the right colors. The most versatile shoes should be brown or black.

Do you like bold and unusual images? Bet on wider jeans, whose legs you roll up over booties. Pair them with your favorite T-shirt and chic coat.

Elegant booties for autumn  go well with casual trousers and a jacket. This matching is the perfect outfit for the office and important meetings for trendy men who value comfort.

Below are classic men's looks with ankle boots - i.e. fitted trousers, a sweater and a smart coat to complete the look.


Do you want to wear booties with trousers?  Pay attention to whether the trousers are tight enough to fit inside the shoes. If desired, they can be rolled up so that they end above the shoes.

Not sure how to match boots to a jacket?  Always answer yourself two questions: where am I going and what color is my outerwear. The boots can be the same color as the jacket - you can also choose shoes in a neutral color scheme that goes with everything. Her model is important - for ladies, a leather jacket would be the best choice, and gentlemen can even combine them with an elegant coat.

Can booties be worn with dresses and skirts?  Of course! It will be a close-knit duet with A-line and flared dresses. They should be chosen carefully with fitted skirts, as they go well with mostly mini models.

How not to wear boots  It is highly recommended not to pair them with typical sportswear - you can tempt a sporty accessory in the form of a loose t-shirt or sweatshirt, but with a predominance of casual style clothing.


Women's and men's boots are the type of shoes that can be worn almost any time of the year! Because of its properties, it works best in autumn and winter, but it can also be paired with short shorts and skirts for a feisty, feminine summer look. Looking for the perfect footwear for the upcoming cold weather? Check out our latest collection and choose the style that will take you to the streets of your city.

Basic Care Tips
Basic Care Tips

Basic Care Tips

Moisture protection

Before wearing for the first time, soak leather and textile shoes at a distance of 30 cm from each other and let dry. We will be happy to advise you on suitable skin care products to protect against moisture.



Proper and regular cleaning of shoes prolongs their shelf life. Discover the right shoe care products, cleaning products and special brushes with us so you can enjoy your shoes for a long time.


    Shoe tensioners

    For leather shoes, use a shoe clip to improve the shape and stability of the shoe, and thus the life of the shoe. We would be happy to advise you on our shoe clips.



    Changing shoes regularly prolongs the life of the shoe and improves the "climate" in the shoe, as it allows accumulated moisture to escape when worn.



    If your shoes get wet, always do it slowly and never dry them directly near heat sources, otherwise the material may become brittle. It is best to fill with absorbent material.



    Always store shoes in a dry and ventilated area to prevent mold growth.